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translation services in UgandaWhile the worldwide demand for interpretation services is increasing in every blink of an eye. At Ugaafrik Editors we have managed to have a team of organized, trained, experienced and professional interpreters who provide all kinds of interpretation services ranging from Consecutive interpretation to Simultaneous interpretation both on site, on phone and online.

Consecutive interpretation services is where the speaker makes a speech whilst the interpreter takes notes and then the interpreter interprets what the speaker has said by reproducing the speech in the targeted language best understood by the audience. Our experts are trained and experienced to provide this service both online and on site. This service is also always referred to as face to face interpretation.

Simultaneous interpretation is where the interpreter orally translates the speaker’s message from the original language to the targeted language in real time. The interpreter translates every word said by the speaker simultaneously. This usually involves use of simultaneous interpreting equipment majorly for conference and meeting interpretations.

We provide onsite, on phone and online consecutive and simultaneous interpretation services for private individuals, researchers, tourists, travelers, court proceedings, conferences and meetings from both private companies and government entities.

Therefore, kindly reach out to us for all your interpretation service requirements in Uganda, East Africa, Africa and the entire world to enjoy the best services ever.

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