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The Somali language is an African language spoken by people in the horn of Africa mostly in Somalia.  Somali has two distinct regional varieties which include Af Maay also known as Maay Maay and Af Maxaa, both varieties were official until 1973 when Af Maxaa became the official written variety. Although in their written forms, Af Maay and Af Maxaa share a lot of similarities, it’s in their spoken forms that there are differences, enough, in fact, that they sometimes can be mutually unintelligible. The Somali language is also majorly spoken by people in Ethiopia, Djibouti, and Kenya. Also, Uganda being one of the largest refugee-hosting countries in Africa, there are a good number of Somali language speakers who originate from Somalia.

According to the Center for Systemic Peace’s “Major Episodes of Political Violence” data, Somalia (along with Afghanistan) has seen the greatest intensity of prolonged civil war since 1980. This has forced many natives to free their homeland to other countries and also it has attracted the attention of concerned governments and non-government organizations both national and international to intervene in keeping people secure. And for these international interventions to be successful, there is always a need for communication between the locals and the nationals. However, communication is always affected by differences in the languages spoken.

Therefore, Ugaafrik Editors Ltd has managed to gather a team of Somali translators who can provide Somali translation services into and from other languages like English, Swahili, and more. Our translators are native and can handle both Somali varieties which include Maay Maay (Af Maay) and Af Maxaa. Please always feel at ease to contact Ugaafrik Editors Ltd for all your Somali translation services

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