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The new African language programs in development

Various African initiatives have been developed to encourage governments to make greater use of African languages, including in the education system. ACALAN has identified 12 cross-border languages for use in regions across the continent, together with inherited ex-colonial languages. Examples…

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How Good Messages Die in Poor Translations

If you wish to prevent translation errors, it is best to leave it in the hands of a trained professional. If you prefer to manage different languages internally, you can outsource the translations to a local office. This way, you…

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Why Google Added 10 African Languages for translation

Earlier in May, Google announced that Google Translate, its multilingual neural machine translation service, has begun offering the possibility of translation into 24 more languages. Ten of the new additions are African languages. Google software engineer and researcher Isaac Caswell…

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The Most Popular Languages in East Africa Region

Over 263 million of the population of East African Africa, authoritatively speak Kiswahili as a binding language to execute their day-to-day activities in business. Across borders within the region, the key opportunities to the population of over 300 million people…

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