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Transcription services Ugaafrik Editors has the capacity and capability to provide you with the best and most accurate transcription services for all your audio and video recordings for legal use, subtitles, and for business purposes. This is because we do not rely on automatic transcription tools whose accuracy we don’t trust and is not enough but rather we employ humans who are trained and professional in transcribing the speeches to ensure that you have the best quality

In addition, our transcription experts possess translation skills in their native and professional languages and hence can help to directly translate an audio or video recording from its original language into the written text of any targeted language worldwide. Therefore if you want to pay less for accurate and reliable audio or video transcription and translation services, we have a well-trained, experienced, and professional team that is able to help accurately, timely, and effectively at prices according to your budget.

For all your transcription and translation requirements for audio or videos that are intended to be used in Legal and court proceedings, Film and video subtitles, research report writing, and medical purposes, our team of experts and professional transcriptionists and translators is always ready to help on time and deliver tasks as per agreed deadlines.

Before choosing transcription services, you should consider two points that will help you find the right service for your needs. First, you need to assess the complexity of your file, since that determines whether you can use an automatic or human-powered service. Accuracy is the most important concern of all, and choosing the wrong type of service at the outset might leave you with a significant amount of editing. The second is cost. Although most transcriptions services charge on a per-minute basis, prices vary, and some services offer bulk plans at better values

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