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Ugaafrik Editors Ltd, Uganda offers the best Kinyarwanda translation services done by humans, our Kinyarwanda translators are native and the biggest percentage (80%) is in-house.

Kinyarwanda language is an official language of Rwanda, however, it is also commonly spoken by a group of people in the neighbouring countries of Rwanda like Uganda and Democratic Republic of Congo. Our Kinyarwanda translators provide translation services in both old and new orthographies depending on the targeted audience and the clients’ needs.

Most of our translators also double as conference interpreters and can handle Kinyarwanda translation to and from French and English languages.

Do you have a meeting, conference or documents that require Kinyarwanda translation – Interpretation services? At Ugaafrik Editors limited we are here to serve you diligently. Please send us an email or request a quote on our website for more information and assistance

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