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Luganda language is one of the common if not the common language used in Uganda for business purposes and other communications. Second to English, Luganda is used in some offices and some organisations because most of the employees understand Luganda. Bearing in mind that most of the organisations are funded and sponsored by international bodies who understand only English and also considering the fact that not all people in Uganda understand Luganda and English. There is always a need to translate speeches, reports and research materials from English to Luganda or from Luganda to English and other languages to ease communication.

In case you need such services or anything related, please remember that Ugaafrik Editors Limited is well located in the capital city of Uganda, which also doubles to be located in Buganda Kingdom and hence we have all it takes to help on your Luganda translation services since we have a team of in house Luganda translators who are natives and experienced

We are therefore, always available to provide the best and affordable Luganda translation services for your business market, organisations, and companies

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